Core issues in which we focus our work

We collaborate with experts and community members to find the best sustainable solution in each place where we work, focusing on these core issues to promote a lasting change in a community. Poverty is a complex problem, but when the right decisions are taken and the core issues are intervened, it is quicker and easier to overcome it.

[cl-flipbox link_type=»btn» link=»url:http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ceropobreza.org%2Fglobal_issues%2Fwater-problem%2F» back_btn_bgcolor=»#3cbfaf» back_btn_color=»#ffffff» front_title=»Water Issues» front_title_size=»20px» front_bgcolor=»rgba(238,238,34,0)» front_textcolor=»#ffffff» front_bgimage=»3956″ back_title=»Clean and easy to get safe drinking water changes everything in a community.» back_title_size=»10px» back_desc=»It sustains health, allows girls to pursue education and work instead of wasting hours collecting water each day.» back_bgcolor=»#dadada» back_textcolor=»#020202″ height=»280px» valign=»» el_class=»cus_flip_ovr»]

[cl-flipbox link_type=»btn» link=»url:http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ceropobreza.org%2Fglobal_issues%2Fhunger%2F» back_btn_bgcolor=»#3cbfaf» back_btn_color=»#ffffff» front_title=»Food related issues» front_title_size=»20px» front_textcolor=»#ffffff» front_bgimage=»3964″ back_title=»Most of the rural communities living in vulnerable conditions have an economy that is sustained by agriculture and livestock.» back_title_size=»10px» back_desc=»By strengthening this, through the use of fertilizers, innovative agricultural processes, the introduction of new seeds or other implementations their economy, can improve significally.» back_bgcolor=»#dadada» back_textcolor=»#020202″ height=»280px» valign=»» el_class=»cus_flip_ovr»]

[cl-flipbox link_type=»btn» link=»url:http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ceropobreza.org%2Fglobal_issues%2Flack-of-medical-care%2F» back_btn_bgcolor=»#3cbfaf» back_btn_color=»#ffffff» front_title=»Medical» front_title_size=»20px» front_textcolor=»#ffffff» front_bgimage=»3966″ back_title=»It is fundamental for a sustainable development to teach and train communities about health care;» back_title_size=»10px» back_desc=»This way we can prevent diseases, promote stable and planned families and raise awareness about harmful habits.» back_bgcolor=»#dadada» back_textcolor=»#020202″ height=»280px» valign=»» el_class=»cus_flip_ovr»]

[cl-flipbox link_type=»btn» link=»url:http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ceropobreza.org%2Fglobal_issues%2Flack-of-education-2%2F» back_btn_bgcolor=»#3cbfaf» back_btn_color=»#ffffff» front_title=»Education» front_title_size=»20px» front_textcolor=»#ffffff» front_bgimage=»3968″ back_title=»A quality education unleashes potential.» back_title_size=»10px» back_desc=»Educated girls delay marriage and pregnancy. Children grow up empowered and with much more possibilities and probabilities of success that inspire the next generation.» back_bgcolor=»#dadada» back_textcolor=»#020202″ height=»280px» valign=»» el_class=»cus_flip_ovr»]

[cl-flipbox link_type=»btn» link=»url:http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ceropobreza.org%2Fglobal_issues%2Fviolence%2F» back_btn_bgcolor=»#3cbfaf» back_btn_color=»#ffffff» front_title=»Infraestructure» front_title_size=»20px» front_textcolor=»#ffffff» front_bgimage=»3962″ back_title=»Infrastructure unleashes opportunities. » back_title_size=»10px» back_desc=»Either is the construction of a road that now connects the community to urban areas or electricity that allows kids to study in the evenings; infrastructure is key to open the door to new opportunities for a whole community. » back_bgcolor=»#dadada» back_textcolor=»#020202″ height=»280px» valign=»» el_class=»cus_flip_ovr»]

[cl-flipbox link_type=»btn» link=»url:http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ceropobreza.org%2Fglobal_issues%2Finjustice%2F» back_btn_bgcolor=»#3cbfaf» back_btn_color=»#ffffff» front_title=»Weak economies» front_title_size=»20px» front_textcolor=»#ffffff» front_bgimage=»3960″ back_title=»Small loans in a community create reliable income.» back_title_size=»10px» back_desc=»Women entrepreneurs create a healthier path out of poverty for their whole family. And using the community strengths to their advantage allow entire communities to flourish.» back_bgcolor=»#dadada» back_textcolor=»#020202″ height=»280px» valign=»» el_class=»cus_flip_ovr»]


Although each project is unique and seeks to solve different problems; they are all focused on providing tools and opportunities to allow people in specific locations to overcome poverty through their own efforts. In other words, we want communities to be self-sufficient. We don’t want people relying on us, or anyone else to overcome their future emerging events.

How we work

We work in three different modalities to create a quicker lasting change and impact benefiting more communities and having the chance to grow exponentially.

Active partnership & claborations

We make alliances with organizations with years of experience to build sustainable, community-owned projects. If you are interested in finding out if you meet the requirements to become our partner contact us for more information.

Our community intervention model

We work with vulnerable communities in locations that are often without any help and work with them offering sustainable lasting solutions to help them overcome their vulnerable situation and co-dependence in any organization or government.

Financing & supporting initiatives

We support groups and organizations that meet certain requirements which promote a comprehensive community development and empowerment, allowing the community to escape poverty by their own means. For more information contact us.




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